Designning Architecture 形意无忌 世界建筑设计书籍(2册/套)

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  • 作者胡延利 何嘉欣
  • 出版社大连理工出版社
  • 图书书号/ISBN9787561176481
  • 出版日期2013.03.01
  • 开本16开
  • 图书页数612
  • 图书装订精装
  • 版次第一版
  • 印张 轻型纸
  • 正文语种中/英版 二选一
  • 副书名形意无忌



As the special edition of Architecture Highlights series, <DESIGNING.architecture> is based on global choice by Shanglin. It is a great collection of latest design works in architecture. Strictly following the standards and views of architects themselves, the selected architects are very active in contemporary architectural stage. Their works always capture emerging themes and ideas in architectural design, bringing change, breakthrough and evolution to architectural field. Among the architects featured in this book are Humberto Hermeto, WZMH Architects, David Jameson Architect, Robert Gurney Architect, lahznimmo architects, Mcbride Charles Ryan, Chyutin Architects, JLCG Arquitectos, Salto AB, Architrend Architecture and so on. Case studies of their work showcase creative and innovative designs in response to contemporary design challenges. Each highlighted work is very inspirational and has great value for reference. Described and accompanied by striking full-color images and completed drawings, the book is an exciting travel into the marvelous architectural world. 


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