Recycling Spaces 再造空间 玛莎.舒瓦茨城市景观设计作品集书籍

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  • 作者Martha Schwartz
  • 出版社Thames & Hudson
  • 图书书号/ISBN9780500342787
  • 出版日期2011
  • 开本16开
  • 图书装订精装
  • 正文语种英文
  • 副书名再造空间

One of the most important questions facing urban centres today is how to keep people attracted to live in, invest in, and participate in the city.Working on the premise that ‘places that resonate with people are sustainable places’, Martha Schwartz creates spaces that aim to make people feel emotionallyconnected, engaged and invested in their long-term viability. This expanded notion of sustainability is the basis of the firm’s public work, and is illustrated here by a selection of the firm’s recent design projects, including Grand Canal Square in Dublin, Exchange Square in Manchester and the Central Park Monte Laa in Vienna, many published in this book for the first time. Readers will be able to explore some of the issues raised through the projects through essays on such topics as: the role of the urban landscape in the sustained health of the world’s cities; landscape as urban infrastructure; the aesthetics of sustainability; why people choose to live in cities; and the qualities that make them attractive.

面对城市发展最重要的问题是如何吸引人们在这里生活,消费,并融入这里。前提是这个地方会是可持续发展的,Martha Schwartz创建一个空间的出发点是以让人们从感情上接受,愿意在这里长期的生活。这个公司的公众作品的都是基于对可持续性这个概念的延伸解读,配图分类解析了公司近来的作品,包括都柏林的运河广场,曼彻斯特的交易广场和维也纳的蒙特拉中心公园,书中的很多作品都是第一次呈现。读者可以从书中的随笔中领悟到:城市景观在世界城市健康发展中所起的作用,景观是城市的基础设施,持续发展的美学,以引究竟是什么吸引人们选择在城市生活。


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