1000 details in landscape 景观设计的1000个细节 元素园林绿化

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  • 出版社Loft Publications
  • 图书书号/ISBN9788499369099
  • 出版日期2012.06.01
  • 开本245mm * 215mm
  • 图书页数296
  • 图书装订平装
  • 正文语种英语
  • 副书名景观设计的1000个细节

"Landscape architecture applies cultural, artistic, technical, and scientifc knowledge to the design of an open space often integrated in the urban fabric. In this case, the goal is usually about bringing the city closer to na-ture. Through a commitment to preserve or improve the environment for human use and enjoyment, landscape architects take on the responsibility to create environments that, beyond their aesthetics and functions, show an appreciation and understanding of natural processes. These professionals thrive to bring together land and man-made objects usually with striking, creative imagination. The object of their work can be as varied as parks, gardens, waterfronts, courtyards, open spaces around public institutions, schools, hotels, hospitals, and airports. With the densifcation of cities and the lack of vacant spaces, landscape architects can see their territory of expertise expand to areas above ground level such as vertical gardens and rooftops. Regardless of the project type, the analysis of the site and the mapping of its features are the beginning of a creative process that fnalizes with thorough detailing which in turn, makes a landscape unique. This book is a compendium of examples that show how details help reinforce the general design concept and achieve a specifc desired effect. It takes you on a journey across the aesthetic, functional and construction aspects of landscape architecture to demonstrate how powerful design features can transform thematic ideas into awe-inspiring built realities. Based on the existing conditions of a specifc site, landscape architects use their creative abilities and knowledge to materialize their ideas through a design development that culminates with the selection of materials and the design of construction details. These details, which are key to the success of the project, can reinforce design ideas by means of the continuity and discontinuity of patterns; they can contribute to the overall form and geometry of the design; they can be designed to be long-lasting and fexible while enhancing the general design; they can anticipate the maintenance requirements to minimize future disruptions and maximize cost effectiveness.The materials included here have been selected for their capacity to inspire and propose innovative ideas on how to approach the design or construction of various aspects of landscape projects. The book is divided into the fol-lowing sections: Structures, which  includes  retailing walls and screens, surfacing and paving,  fences, guardrails and railings, decks and boardwalks, pedestrian bridges, furniture and public art, and materials; Irrigation Design; Lighting Design; Pool Design and Water Features; and Planting. The latter includes comprehensive information on the selection and use of trees, plants, shrubs and herbs, and examples of planting design types.The details, in numerical order, are illustrated with color photographs, site plans, sections and numerous construction details. The  images are accompanied by comprehensive captions that are,  in some occasions, formulated as tips. This book is invaluable for architecture, garden, and landscape design students as well as for professionals who will fnd this book resourceful not only for understanding the work of the best contem-porary landscape architects, but also as an inspirational tool for their own design work.景观作为一个城市的重要元素,通常融合了文化、艺术、工艺和科技等各个方面。在这个基础上,景观设计还应使城市更贴近自然。与呈现它的美观及实现基本用途相比,景观更应该与自然融合,保持并改善自然环境使之更适于人类生活。此书中的景观设计师经过创造性的设计,将土地与人造物相结合。他们的工作对象多种多样,有游乐园、公园、海滩、庭院或公共场所的广场。随着城市密集化和土地缺乏化的严重,景观设计师的设计领域已扩张到地面以上,比如空中花园和天台。不管是什么类型的景观设计,都是以地点选择和功能定位开始,以贯穿全程的细节设计结尾,而这些细节设计通常是整个景观设计与众不同。《景观设计的 1000个细节》向读者展示了,细节是如何加强设计概念并达到特殊的设计效果的。阅读此书,纵览景观设计中的美学、功能学和建造学,你会知道强大的设计是如何将一个主题设想转化为令人惊叹的建筑实物的。纵览景观设计中的美学、功能学和建造学,你会知道强大的设计可以使一个主题转化为令人惊叹的建筑实物。以某个地点的现实条件为基础,景观设计师凭借他们的创造力和知识,通过建筑材料的选择和建筑细节的设计,可以使他们的建筑方案最佳化。这些细节,是一个方案成功的关键,他们能加强设计效果、增强设计主题完成度,他们的应用可以降低未来建筑的破坏度,并最大化的节俭成本。有些细节设计是永恒性的,有些细节设计是暂时的却可以美化整体设计效果。此书被分为以下章节:景观结构,包括公路、栏杆、人行天桥、公共艺术等;灌溉设计;灯光设计;游泳池设计和水景;园林绿化,该章综合介绍了不同类型园林规划中树木、植物、灌木、草本植物的使用。该书的设计细节,都附有大量实物图片、总平面图、基地剖面图和施工详图。这些图片也带有文字说明,比如在什么地方应用。这本资源丰富的书对设计系学生、建筑师、景观设计师、专业人员来说都是一本珍贵的参考资料,他不仅让设计师了解了当代最优秀的景观设计师,更为设计师创造作品提供了灵感。"


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